Delphian Gallery promotes art that facilitates a never-ending dialogue and an open forum to seek out new possibilities in an increasingly hostile environment.

Delphian, meaning ‘obscurely prophetic’ aims to be just that, giving a platform to varying work that is and will become important to people in a way that may not at first be apparent. Art in a broader sense aims to raise questions about our lives and the world around us that sometimes cannot be expressed in other ways.

Art must be more than just a pretty picture, as the best art is both beautiful and ugly in one.

Benjamin Murphy
Benjamin Murphy

Gallery Director and Founder

Benjamin Murphy is a visual artist exhibiting globally. He regularly writes about contemporary art theory for numerous publications, and holds both a BA and an MA, specialising in Contemporary Fine Art.

Nick JS Thompson
Nick JS Thompson

Gallery Director And Founder

Nick JS Thompson is an Internationally exhibited artist and has curatorial experience spanning many years. He has a vast knowledge of all aspects of gallery management.

Wingshan Smith
Wingshan Smith


Wingshan Smith is a curator and artist based in London. She holds a BA and MA from The Courtauld Institute of Art, specialising in Documentary and Global Contemporary Art.

“We believe in supporting contemporary artists, especially the innovators and provocateurs, challenging stereotypes and continuing to push the boundaries of artistic expression & visual culture with their open minded and revelatory creative practise.”