Open Call FAQ

Do we have to pay anything to be included?

  • No, not a penny.

Who can enter?

  • Anyone, anywhere in the world.

Can I submit more than one work?

  • Yes.

Does the work have to be available?

  • No, this will be a print show, so we only need a high-resolution image (if selected for the final exhibition).

How many times can we enter?

  • As many as you like

Will the prints be for sale?

  • Every artist in the show will have the opportunity to make these for sale if they wish, but they don’t have to.

Can we submit works that have been exhibited elsewhere?

  • Yes.

Can I enter old works?

  • You can, but the posts on Instagram need to be new posts.

I don’t use Instagram, can I still submit?

  • Unfortunately not this time.

What types of work can we submit?

  • Any two-dimensional artworks.

When is the deadline?

  • March 7th 2020 – 11PM

Can you submit if your account is private?

  • Unfortunately not, as we won’t see the posts.

Can’t I just send you the images as a private message?

  • In the interests of fairness for all participants, this is not allowed.