The Delphian Podcast

Ep. 20 Questions about the art world you were afraid to ask | Special edition

special edition

From left to right – Benjamin Murphy, Charley Peters, Jemma Hickman, Nick JS Thompson (Picture by Maddie Rose Hills)

In this special edition of the Delphian Podcast we have a recording of a panel discussion that we were invited to lead by Maddie Rose Hills as part of her programme surrounding an exhibition she curated entitled “Where you are not” at Copeland Gallery in Peckham, London.

We chose the subject of “Questions about the art world you were afraid to ask” and invited artist and art writer Charley Peters and Bo Lee Gallery director Jemma Hickman to join us on the panel to discuss the topic. We talk about the different ways in which to approach galleries, how to make yourself discoverable on social media, the different ways to approach your social media output, and the importance of networking to an artists’ career among many other topics.

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