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10 of my favourite Contemporary Artists using Performance – selected by Rosie Gibbens

Artist Rosie Gibbens has selected her top 10 picks for artists using performance that we should all know about.

Anna Perach@Anna_Perach

Beautiful carpet creations

artists using performance

Emily Louise Perry@EmilyLouisePerry

Working with non-actors to create uncomfortably voyeuristic yet intimate experience for viewers

artists using performance

Katherine Araniello@KatherineAraniello

Sharply satirical, hilarious and political work.

Katherine Araniello

Keijaun Thomas @Keioui

Performances that are both confronting and caring. Striking, sad, yet joyful.

Keijaun Thomas

Korallia Stergides@Aillarok

Improvising  characters into absurd stories. Playful and weird.

Artists using performance

Mette Sterre@MetteSterre

Creation of strange characters and abstract narratives through body assemblages and experimental costumes.

mette sterre

Rosa Doornebal@PictureOnScreen

artists using performance

Absurd, unsettling and funny. Interacting with sculptural objects as body substitutes.

Rosa Johan Uddoh@Rosa_Johan

Political and deadpan (my fav combo). Complicating language and interrogating institutions.

rosa johan uddoh

Tim Spooner@TSpooner0

Big stage installations with ingenious chain reaction creations and intriguing creatures.

artists using performance

Yuki Kobayashi@YukiKobayashi0226

I like it when something that appears silly is taken deadly seriously by the performer.

yuki Kobayashi

What did you think of this list of artists using performance? Feel free to let us know your thoughts, or to suggest other topics to cover in the comments below.

Rosie Gibbens – Episode 17 of the Delphian Podcast is now live!

rosie gibbens


Performance artist Rosie Gibbens joins us for this episode of the Delphian Podcast. Her intense, often very personal performances raise questions of gender, sexuality and domesticity. We talk to her about tropes of performance art, how crowd reaction and participation affects her work as well as the importance of accepting criticism.

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