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Ten Other Galleries – Selected by Sotiris Sotiriou of Coma

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Blank Projects

Coma Gallery
James Webb, “This is where I leave you (Radiant guide. Equanimity in the harsh storm),” 161 x 46 x 64cm.

A condensed look at the future of intelligent contemporary art coming out of South Africa. 

High Art

High Art
Three paintings by Tom Humphreys

An eclectic selection of high voltage artwork. High Art introduces a fantastic set of new emerging work to the world on a regular basis and presents beautiful exhibitions. 

Antenna Space

Coma Gallery

Some of the most important young artists to come out of China and beyond in recent years. Antenna Space has kept a continually interesting and very active fair and gallery program. 

The Breeder

Coma Gallery
UNDER CONFINEMENT : @vanessasafavi 

Responsible for connecting Athens with the rest of the contemporary art world and facilitating brave new work from a changing city. 

Commonwealth and Council

Commonwealth and Council
Rafa Esparza
‘thanks for staying alive Fern.1994,’ 2020
Acrylic on adobe panel (local dirt, horse dung, hay, Hoosic River water, chain-link fence, plywood)

An extremely admirable and visibly collaborative venture which has influenced and inspired many gallerists and artists. 


Composition With a Recurring Sound 5, 2018, Vartan Avakian 
Copper alloys, radio waves and a river

A thoughtful and introspective space that has helped shine a spotlight on Beirut and create a dialogue with the city and artists based out of the country. 


Thoughtful and personal presentations of cutting edge emerging artwork that traverse location and time. 


Coma Gallery

 “In Martinique the root of Monstera Deliciosa is used to make a remedy for snakebite,” 2015
brass, alabaster

Powerful and socially aware exhibitions of some of the most important emerging voices in contemporary art today. 


CAMP’s A Photogenetic Line is part of Experimenter’s group exhibition: ‘Cataloging Time’ in @ArtBasel’s second iteration of Online Viewing Rooms.⁣

One of the main reasons to watch India as a vibrant and vital part of the art world. Experimenter also very evidently supports and elevates their own local scene. 

Jaqueline Martins

Coma Gallery
Ana Mazzei

Research-based and historically aware while simultaneously keeping current collectors and viewers excited and attentive. 

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Gallery Spotlight: Dateagle

DATEAGLE ART is an independent London-based online platform, founded in 2017 by Vanessa Murrell and Martin Mayorga, that supports UK-based emerging artists in the form of interviews, studio visits, blog content and both online and offline exhibition curation. Their platform is about forging a community and this is why they personally visit every artist that they interview and feature. Their online content is equally gendered, ad-free, diverse in mediums and they don’t accept commission, as a means to keep their content as honest as they possibly can, through the lens of the artist.


DATEAGLE STUDIO is the first creative art agency that offers both visual services and press and pr services within the contemporary art realm. Read more about their studio work here.

ONLINE, they operate as a journal in which they publish behind-the-scenes analogue photography of artist’s studios through their personal ‘Visits’, provide straightforward views from their contributor’s and guest artists in their ‘Journal’content, and allow in-depth discourse through their ‘Interviews’. They also undertake quick interviews through the ‘5×5’ series, in which they ask the same 5 questions to 5 artists in group shows as a means to giving an equal voice to a variety of artists, and through the ‘DM Interviews’ with international artists, revealing their first times. The website also hosts a series of music playlists from international artists, through the ‘Mix!’ section, allowing the audience to engage with emerging art through a variety of forms. They are also involved in curating ‘Spread The Virus’, an on-going online exhibition evolving over 12 months which intends to chart the year through aesthetic as well as social and political lenses, co-organised with an invited guest curator. 

OFFLINE, they curate temporary shows in non-exhibition spaces throughout London, along with hosting regular panel discussions and public events throughout the UK.

Gallery Spotlight: Guts

Guts Gallery aims to provide financial support and exhibition opportunities for artists less platformed within today’s contemporary art scene. Their desire is to facilitate space and exposure for BAME artists, female artists, working-class artists, queer artists, and artists outside of London (bridging the North/South divide).

Through initiating relationships between established and emerging artists, they create an inclusive and diverse arts community, with a dynamic and interesting creative working environment to produce new structures that enable emerging artists to have the exposure they are often denied.


The distribution of wealth within the arts operates on a model which mirrors that of wider social austerity; it disproportionately benefits people who do not experience racial oppression, gender or class discriminations. In order to facilitate the success of struggling artists, individuals in the art world and institutions who are financially and creatively influential need to recognise and discuss the lack of resources available to a large number of artists who are systematically disadvantaged and unheard.

Ellie Pennick is the founder of Guts Gallery. She is a queer, working-class artist from North Yorkshire. After leaving university in the Summer of 2017, she was accepted onto a Sculpture Masters course at the Royal College of Art. However, due to limited funds, she was unable to study there.

This spurred her on to think about how she could create a business venture that could benefit other struggling artists like herself. Many people are scared to speak out about inequality in the art world, often in fear of their own precarious positions being compromised. Pennick, through the creation of Guts Gallery, wanted a gallery that could speak out, a gallery with the guts to protest.


For more gallery spotlights, 
Collective Ending

Gallery Spotlight: Collective Ending

Collective Ending is a an artist-led and collaborative curatorial platform based in South London. Collective Ending aim to support emerging artists by providing them with projects to explore and develop their practices in ambitious and experimental settings. Collective Ending is also an archive.

To-date, they have presented two of their intended 4 Absinthe exhibitions at the Spit & Sawdust pub in South London, including Delphian favourites Rhiannon Salisbury, Ralph Hunter-Menzies, Mitch Vowels and more. They also regularly work with our frequent collaborator Hector Campbell, who is hosting their upcoming arts quiz (more details below).

collective ending

For their   inaugural project, Collective Ending present ABSINTHE: a yearlong public programme of exhibitions and live events held at the Spit & Sawdust pub in North Bermondsey.

Absinthe. Curious love of the sordid and the extravagant. Muse of the weird, twisted and eerie. Throughout its short history, absinthe has passed from antiseptic to vermicide, honorary salute to morphological being. It is ghostly and mutinous.

It is no surprise that absinthe has long persisted in the underground, from Joyce to Baudelaire, Rimbaud to  van Gogh. It was prolific amongst artists and writers of the boulevards of modern Paris: mystic visions of the Moulin Rouge, images that bled from their canvas with an emerald sorcery: hypnotic, aberrant and erotic.

Comprising 4 major exhibitions of emerging artists over the course of 12 months, ABSINTHE is a hybrid, eclectic, and at points inexplicable presentation of the weirder side of London’s emerging art scene.

Located at the Spit & Sawdust pub, Bermondsey, each exhibition will present a mandala of artists that cut and splice between mediums and styles; a kaleidoscopic trip into the city’s current alternative art practices.


Free Art Pub Quiz on Tuesday the 13th of August > Please come join us for the activation of @jimwoodall concrete sculpture, @nataliajanula and @georgialaurenstephenson installing within The Parasite (@victor_seaward) and the chance to take home a bottle of absinthe! We will also be releasing a limited run of the show 2 publication, with interviews conducted by @campbell.hector with @lillynejat_@mariejacotey@thomaslangley86@toni_brutal@elizabethprentis@janehayesgr@jimwoodall and @juanmasalasv



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