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Blank Projects

Coma Gallery
James Webb, “This is where I leave you (Radiant guide. Equanimity in the harsh storm),” 161 x 46 x 64cm.

A condensed look at the future of intelligent contemporary art coming out of South Africa. 

High Art

High Art
Three paintings by Tom Humphreys

An eclectic selection of high voltage artwork. High Art introduces a fantastic set of new emerging work to the world on a regular basis and presents beautiful exhibitions. 

Antenna Space

Coma Gallery

Some of the most important young artists to come out of China and beyond in recent years. Antenna Space has kept a continually interesting and very active fair and gallery program. 

The Breeder

Coma Gallery
UNDER CONFINEMENT : @vanessasafavi 

Responsible for connecting Athens with the rest of the contemporary art world and facilitating brave new work from a changing city. 

Commonwealth and Council

Commonwealth and Council
Rafa Esparza
‘thanks for staying alive Fern.1994,’ 2020
Acrylic on adobe panel (local dirt, horse dung, hay, Hoosic River water, chain-link fence, plywood)

An extremely admirable and visibly collaborative venture which has influenced and inspired many gallerists and artists. 


Composition With a Recurring Sound 5, 2018, Vartan Avakian 
Copper alloys, radio waves and a river

A thoughtful and introspective space that has helped shine a spotlight on Beirut and create a dialogue with the city and artists based out of the country. 


Thoughtful and personal presentations of cutting edge emerging artwork that traverse location and time. 


Coma Gallery

 “In Martinique the root of Monstera Deliciosa is used to make a remedy for snakebite,” 2015
brass, alabaster

Powerful and socially aware exhibitions of some of the most important emerging voices in contemporary art today. 


CAMP’s A Photogenetic Line is part of Experimenter’s group exhibition: ‘Cataloging Time’ in @ArtBasel’s second iteration of Online Viewing Rooms.⁣

One of the main reasons to watch India as a vibrant and vital part of the art world. Experimenter also very evidently supports and elevates their own local scene. 

Jaqueline Martins

Coma Gallery
Ana Mazzei

Research-based and historically aware while simultaneously keeping current collectors and viewers excited and attentive. 

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